I feel like I am lying on a surf board paddling hard to catch a wave. For me this is teetering on the freak out zone, knowing as soon as I stand up, all will be ok….Aug 14 I officially stand up.

Body IQ Physical Therapy and Yoga will open the door officially to patients. It has been a subtle dream of mine since my early days as a Physical Therapist to open a private practice that supports the inclusion of whole person health care. The community of Haines AK has nourished and supported my growth as a Community PT, wellness coach, exercise instructor and Yoga teacher. It is because of you guys I am able to disseminate my passion for health. Body IQ will be located in the newly renovated Firehall in the Fort. Yes the building with the big white tower. This will be a constant reminder to us all to aim high. I am hoping Body IQ will be the home where Health is gained and maintained.

What Haines wants to know: Yes, I am leaving the SEARCH clinic. No, I am not leaving Haines. SEARHC, has been incredibly supportive in this time of transition. They have elected not to compete with my services and thus will not be hiring a PT to take my place. I will accept all referrals from them. I will return to the clinic for a few hours each week to treat native beneficiaries. Body IQ will accept and bill most all insurances including Medicare and Medicaid. My AK license allows direct access. You will no longer be required to have a referral to see me for PT.

What about Yoga? I will continue to teach Tues and Thurs Vinyasa classes 5:30-6:45pm but we will move to the new location. I continue to accept private Yoga students. No other changes will be made at this time but I fun plans are in store for the  near future.

Hours of operation will be variable for now so it is best if you call to schedule an appointment.907-766-2600