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Feeling lost in the system, unheard, or hopeless with physical suffering.

Together we will navigate your path towards healing. Shift your perspective from discouraged to confident with individualized therapeutic education and a personalized care plan. I specialize in hard-to-treat, hard-to-diagnose cases where traditional medicine has been ineffective. Be it a long-term injury, chronic pain, autoimmune disorder or completely unknown, at Body IQ, every individual has a solution tailored just for them.

*Note for AK residents: Care may be covered under insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Please ask at time of booking for billing options available.

Our guiding principles of care.


Experience tells us that injuries and ailments are interconnected in ways that are often overlooked by one-size-fits-all clinical treatments. Through years of experience, rigorous training, deep-listening, and attention, Body IQ provides humanizing care for individuals.


Body IQ is the bridge that takes individuals from where they are to where they want to go. It’s a bridge built at the intersection of traditional physical therapy and intuitive therapeutic interventions—and reinforced with neuroscience education to shift unhelpful beliefs and maladaptive movements to mindfulness and purposeful movement, which will help people adapt and improve their functionality.


Extensive training, education, and decades of experience has taught me to listen with compassion and come to a deep understanding of where you are and where you want to go. Then, together, we’ll outline a path for how to get from here to there.


Using both traditional physical therapy and intuitive therapeutic interventions, I teach you how to break the cycle of learned pain and protection from your physical traumas. I’m not only treating physical issues, I’m instilling hope and the emotional confidence necessary to do what needs to be done. For individuals looking for more than a pharmaceutical solution, I offer possibilities and alternatives not available to those who only practise clinical Western medicine.

Yoga classes & online programs

View schedules, join in-person yoga sessions, and keep up-to-date with ongoing programs, teachings, and workshops to help your journey.

Meet Marnie HARTMAN

Doctor of physical therapy, registered yoga teacher, and published author. Marnie brings a suite of expertise, first-hand clinical experience, and an alternative perspective to each individual she works with. She has given hope to many people who believed they had nothing but physical suffering in their future.

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