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How Does Body IQ Online Work?

An introduction of Body IQ Online and how location-neutral care can work – really well. 

Some of my favorite words of wisdom are, “Your body is like a living book that must be read every day.”

Welcome to Body IQ online.

I’m Marnie Hartman. I’m a doctor of physical therapy with more than 20 years in a diverse practice. My passion is building bridges. I use the art and science of western medicine combined with the art and science of more holistic practices like yoga to create connections of understanding.

Navigating the ins and outs of our current health care system and the information you are given can be one of the biggest pains of all. It is my ambition to act as a guide for you. I want you to be the one in control of your health. I will teach you to be your own medicine. I promise to treat you as a unique individual, because you are. What and how you feel; mentally, emotionally and physically are important to me. Where you want to go and finding the right path forward is also important to me.

I can imagine it feels strange to connect with a Physical Therapist online rather than in person. I get it. I had my doubts that this style of practice could be effective as well. But then I tried it and guess what? For what I feel like is the greatest service I can offer you, which is education, understanding, perspective, and a support system, that is easy to navigate. Location neutral care works – really well.

You may already have a PT or other medical providers that you are working with, that is totally fine and sometimes preferable. What we will do together is create a strong foundation of understanding and body wisdom. Taking that understanding into your other treatment session can only enrich the value of all the care you are participating in. If you are curious and still unsure just click the connect with Marnie button and send me a note.  We can take the rest from there.

You are not alone, let’s begin the shift out of suffering together.

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