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Stone-Air-Water-Fire A weekend of the Elements Hosted by Rainforest Yoga

An A-la-carte Weekend of the Elements
Dr. Marnie Hartman, PT, RYT
December 9-10-11 at Rainforest Yoga studio in Juneau

Friday, December 9: Stone – 5:30-7:30pm
Lean into the quiet grounding side of yoga by combining long supported holds with pranayama and gentle focused awareness.

Saturday, December 10: Air – 9-11:00 am
You will be led through a creative vinyasa flow with an emphasis on building foundations of postures for ease through transitions; be prepared to move and be challenged.

Saturday, December 10: Water – 4-6pm
Soften and slide through resistance with an emphasis on the fascia: combining postures with movement

Sunday, December 11: Fire – 9-11:30 am
Practical applications of “Pain-Science, Yoga, Life,” bridging neuroscience and yoga to shift our suffering and return us to a functional life. This class will be part direct education and part practice. Marnie will walk you through the fundamentals of pain neuroscience, what occurs in our body during painful experiences, acute and chronic. With time, attention and practice a place of suffering can move to a place of growth and function.

2 hour sessions (Stone, Air, & Water): Members: $45, Nonmembers: $50

2.5 Hr. Session (Fire): Members: $50, Nonmembers: $55

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