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Team Haines – Back to Roots Strength Training Series, 2022

It isn’t always about yoga and rehabilitation here at BodyIQ…

We also tap into building out physical strength in order to grow our holistic resilience. I want to thank all the participants of Team Haines – Back to Roots Strength Training Series for 2022.

This was the first return of Team Haines since we fled to the deck to keep training outdoors in the Winter of 2020.

Wow to sweat together again! I’ve missed it so. A little known fact about me, I absolutely love the sound of metal weights being moved around. Strength training has been in my life since I was a teenager, it is part of who I am and I love sharing it with others.

At Team Haines we have two strong mottos

1) We seek progress not perfection

2) Failing is winning

Look out for the next Team Haines Strength Training series coming January, 2023

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