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Lymphatics Exercise – Week Three

In April we are continuing to nurture the biological water system of our bodies known as the Lymph System or Lymphatic System. Like most fluid dynamic interventions there is a process to promote flow. Therefore, each of these exercises will build on the next and you don’t really want to skip ahead or you may create a little dam. So even if it is brief please perform the exercises in sequence. You may start to notice a pattern…

Let’s practice… 

Lymphatics Exercise – Week Three

Out of the Head and Onto the Mat

Find a comfortable position seated or lying or even standing. 

Take a few moments to bring your breath into your conscious focus. 

Gently begin to encourage the air in and out through your nostrils. 

When you feel ready, begin inhaling with a little more intention. 

Try to fill up the space just beneath your rib cage

When you feel full, 

Pause and hold the breath in for just a moment. 

Exhale fully without straining and repeat for 5-10 rounds.

Keep your breath moving through your ribs while you bring the four fingers on each hand to just above the clavicle (collar bone) on each side. Gently tap them over the top edge of each clavicle simultaneously, drumming while moving slowly from the center toward each shoulder and back again. Set whatever cadence feels natural to you, let fingers bounce along with ease. No need to beat yourself up. Continue tapping for one to five minutes. 

Fold up a blanket or a large towel to span the width between your low ribs and pelvis. Place it on the floor and lie over it belly down. Come back to your breath allow your belly to gently press into the roll with each inhale and pull away from it with each exhale. Stay there for one to five min. 

Consider repeating the above in reverse order. For example, come back to sit and tap along the clavicles and repeat the inhales with a pause, each for at least one minute. 

Off the Mat and Into Life

Grab a skin brush or use light pressure of hand to skin. I was taught this as the touch of a butterfly wing, so keep it light. 

Lightly brush your skin in one direction – from the hands to the shoulders, feet to the hips, and finally abdomen to the chest. Maybe spend a little extra time on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. At the very end, brush your neck from the back forward and down each side toward the clavicles.

Guess what you get to do next? 

That’s right, tap above the clavicles and then finish with at least a few long slow and purposeful inhales with a little pause followed by a soft easy exhale.

If you want to learn more about the lymph system, follow along with Body IQ for the month of April. Each week of April I will offer insight into lymphatics. Thank you for being part of this mission of continuing to build our own Body IQ in community with each other.

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