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Marnie combines physical therapy, neuroscience, the principles of strength training, and the practice of yoga to create a holistic care plan. This will chart your course to physical wellness. She will teach you how to use the tools to reframe your experience, improve your function, and manage your wellness into the future. Based out of Haines, AK, with individuals online from across the globe.

You will be met with a humanizing approach rooted in deep-listening, compassion, and relationship-building. Marnie uses holistic methodology to bridge evidence-based medicine with individualized intuitive therapeutics. Together with hope and empowerment, access the tools you need to begin your path to becoming your own best care provider.

Individual Case Stories

These stories are shared to help create a community of individuals, each walking a unique path learning to be their own best medicine, and yet connected in knowing they are not actually alone. Maybe these stories can also act as a peek inside the window of Body IQ and working with me. If you happen to find yourself in a place of struggle or in need of a guide, you’ve landed in the right place.

Extensive training, education, and decades of experience has taught me to listen with compassion and come to a deep understanding of where you are and where you want to go.

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We will meet face to face via video conference.

The first session will last 90 minutes and involve a thorough intake, including history of current condition, current status, goals, as well as limitations and strengths toward reaching these goals. This is a conversation that is led mostly by you. I will listen and help guide you to gain an in-depth understanding of your unique scenario. Together we will design a plan that may include pain science education, neuroscience education, yoga, traditional physical therapy, nutrition, etc. All customized to help you shift your current place of struggle to one of balance and health.
Follow-up sessions are 45 to 60 minutes depending on needs.

Initial session $150.00 for 90 minutes
Follow-up sessions are $135.00 for up to 60 minutes
Payments are due at time of service.

Body IQ does not bill directly to your insurance provider for your sessions. You may request documentation to attempt to seek reimbursement from your insurance provider without any guarantee that this will be granted by them. You may use a health savings account (HAS) depending on the stipulations of your specific plan.

It is my aim to give time and attention to your needs, not to billing. The process works best when kept to direct pay as much as possible. I want to have a relationship with you, not your insurance provider.

If you are concerned about the payment process, please feel free to contact me to discuss further before you begin.

No. However, I am happy to communicate with any health care providers you are currently working with as needed to progress you toward your goals.

Each individual is considered on a case-by-case basis. With an understanding that you and your scenario are completely unique. Because of this, I do not offer set package deals or a prediction of timing.

All the sessions are completely customized and tailored to meet your needs. I understand the investment of time and finances may be a limiting factor, so please let me know from the outset.
I will do my best to work within your available budget of time and money. 

Follow our Classes & Community page, or social media for special events I will be leading or participating in, outside of Haines, AK.

There’s no way to tell upfront, but you won’t know until you begin. If you are still unsure whether this is for you, send me an email with your story and I will be honest if I think I can help.

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